1) Acrylic boxes, linoleum, lotion, vaseline, kool-aid, ceiling tiles, 2) Hair gel, lipstick, fluorescent tubes, concrete, urethane coal slag, plastic rain gutter, mesh, billboard vinyl, 3) plaster powder, plastic mirrors, burnt model of 6221 Osage avenue, kitty litter, wooden statues, glass, steel C channel, Colon Cleanse, plexiglass template, yoga mat, skateboards, screen door, spray paint and house paint, 4) asphalt felt, aluminum foil, coal slag, aluminum cast of Ted Kaczynki's flute welded to cast of a digging bar, asphalt, chlorine, truck tire, SlimStyles, charcoal, subfloor foam, vinyl, silicone and beer cans, carpet, fiberglass statue holes, 5) Super Clean, Muscle Milk, asphalt shingles, street paint glass spheres, Grand Theft Auto billboard, fluorescent office light diffuser, resin bones submerged in urethane, sheetrock, roofing rubber, copper pipes in insulation, welcome mat, Max Protein, expanded steel, shredded paper, stained hardwood floor
192 x 52 x 80 inches